Do You Know the True Value of Your Massage Customers?


Understanding the value of your customers will assist you to determine customers who genuinely value your work and the service you use. If you have customers who do any of the above unfavorable things, it adversely affects your business, using up your energy which you could be investing in more pleased consumers.


If you understand the massage value of your customers, this will assist you with your marketing methods. Let's state among your consumers does not appear for their massage because they were stuck in traffic. Do you charge that individual for the treatment or not? If you have a customer database, you may discover that the customer in question check outs you 10 times a year (usually on time), has been utilizing your services for 3 years, has a 60-minute massage each time and normally provides you a $10 pointer. You can exercise that this customer represents somebody who invests $2400 in their time as your customer. Understanding this, you may let them off payment for the one missed out on the session, with the understanding, they will continue to be a routine customer who utilizes your services. The individual will likewise feel bad about letting you down and happy that they do not need to spend for their missed out on the session. This is an example great consumer relations. Your valued customer will likewise value you and your services more.


Now, the concern for all massage therapist company owner is this: would you make the exact same exception for a customer who can be found in two times a year for a Thirty Minutes massage, never ever pointers and typically shows up late? Are you going to let a customer like this interrupt your schedule and your business? Is this person still a "valued customer"? Or would their slot be much better filled with somebody like the customer in the very first example?


Understanding the true massage value of your customers will assist you to increase your business and bring in important customers.